What does franky exploit do

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What does franky exploit do

Uncontacted peoples

The following is a list of characters from the Australian television series Wentworth. Bea Smith Danielle Cormack seasons 1—4 came to be an inmate after attempting to murder her husband, Harry, after she had endured years of domestic violence.

After entering the facility she is coveted by both Franky Doyle and Jacs Holt in their fight for "Top Dog" of the prison. Bea struggles adjusting to her new life in prison as well as trying to keep up with her daughter, Debbie, and her husband while they are on the outside world.

After Bea's daughter is murdered on the order of Jacs Holt, Bea kills her by jabbing a pen into her neck and is charged with manslaughter. After believing that Debbie committed suicide, it is later revealed to Bea that Debbie was murdered by Brayden Holt, Jacs' son. Hellbent on revenge, Bea concocts a plan to escape Wentworth and kill Brayden for killing Debbie.

After a bloody fight with Franky, Bea slices her own wrists, as sliced wrists cannot be cuffed, and is transferred to hospital where she escapes after being treated. Bea finds Brayden and holds him hostage in his mechanic shop where she gets him to confess to killing Debbie, after which she kills him. Bea is charged with murder and returns to Wentworth as the new "Top Dog".

She maintains a tough anti-drug trafficking policy with inmates.

what does franky exploit do

Bea is serving life without parole. Loneliness, the loss of Debbie and the stress of being "Top Dog" over time takes its toll on Bea. Season four widely focuses on Bea discovering a side of herself she never believed to be there after falling in love with new-inmate Allie Novak.

In the finale of season 4, Bea believes Allie to be dead after she was given a hotshot a lethal amount of illicit drugs by Joan Ferguson. As Joan is walking out of the prison following her release, Bea confronts her with a screwdriver. Franky was sent to Wentworth after she was charged with assault for throwing boiling oil on a television presenter of a cooking show that she was participating on for criticising her food.

Franky is a lesbian who has had relationships with some of the inmates and staff at Wentworth. Franky has been paroled and is in a relationship with forensic psychologist, Bridget Westfall. Vera is shown as a timid and shy individual who has difficulty forming friendships and relationships due to having to take care of her mother. Rather than confiding in her colleagues about her mother, Vera lies about having a boyfriend named Adam.

Vera forms a relationship with her co-worker, Matthew "Fletch" Fletcher, however their relationship ends after Vera reads Fletch's journal. In season 2, Vera becomes the project of governor, Joan Ferguson where she changes her personality into one that is much stronger and not so much of a shy pushover. In the season 4 premiere, Vera is appointed the new Prison Governor of Wentworth after Joan is charged with the murder of former inmate, Jess Warner and is remanded in custody awaiting sentencing.

Doreen was charged with reckless endangerment for losing her unborn baby after having a car accident due to heavily drinking and drug use.

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During season two Doreen gets pregnant by Nash, an inmate from Walford, during the construction of the greenhouse. Liz is a recovering alcoholic, who was first sent to Wentworth for the manslaughter of her mother-in-law.Full disclosure to the Hikvision backdoor has been released, allowing easy exploit of vulnerable Hikvision IP cameras.

As the researcher, Monte Crypto, who disclosed the details confirmedthis is:. We produced the following video, showing just how simple it is to utilize this exploit to retrieve an image snapshot and system information from a camera.

We also show using password reset tool to take over a camera:. Inside this post, we examine how the exploit works, how it is being used, how what percentage of devices are vulnerable, and Hikvision's failure to respond to the exploit's release.

Hikvision included a magic string that allowed instant access to any camera, regardless of what the admin password was.

Apology to frankieonpcin1080p

All that needed was appending this string to Hikvision camera commands:. Any accessible Hikvision camera with affected firmware is vulnerable to complete takeover or bricking. This vulnerability is significantly more critical than other recent cyber security announcements in the security industry e. IPVM has put a vulnerable Hikvision camera online for members to experiment with.

Access details are:. However, using the backdoor string, that will not matter as you can simply bypass authentication, for example:. Post your examples and experiences in the comments. The researcher, Monte Crypto, who has called this a backdoor consistently, says Hikvision told him that:. A tool to reset user passwords including the admin user was released within days of the exploit announcement.

Hikvision Password Reset Helper allows a user to enter an IP address for a camera, retrieve of a list of users, and selectively reset the password for any user. This password tool can just as easily maliciously change and takeover other's cameras. Ironically, this is literally the next generation of the tool, following the previous version using Hikvision's cracked security codes.

A Shodan scan for Hikvision cameras shows over half a million units online:. Using an example URL from the Full Disclosure announcement, image snapshots could be downloaded from affected cameras, several of which showed cameras overlooking sensitive areas, POS terminals, and other locations that could put people at risk of various data disclosure:.

This backdoor was also found in OEM cameras, we tested the following cameras and found them vulnerable:. Other Hikvision OEM cameras are likely vulnerable as well, potentially increasing the number of vulnerable cameras online significantly. Hikvision's only public communication on this, back in Marchsignificantly misled their dealers:. First, Hikvision called this a "privelege-escalating vulnerability", implying an attacker would need some minimal authorized access to the device before they could "escalate" their privileges to a higher role.

This is false, as the exploit allows instant direct access to any affected camera. Second, Hikvision claimed it was only applicable to "fairly uncommon circumstances", Shodan scans, and common sense, show that this affects vast numbers of devices, the only requirement being that the attacker has network access to the device. Third, Hikvision claimed the exploit "may allow" attackers to "acquire or tamper with device information". To date [Mar ], Hikvision is not aware of any reports of malicious activity associated with this vulnerability.

Since the September 12th exploit detail release, Hikvision has made no notice publicly nor to dealers about this, despite that the release included direct examples showing how to use the exploit simply, putting customers at significant risk.She is the younger twin sister of Chiffon [7] [8] and Gotti 's wife. She was a member of the Thriller Bark Victim's Association after her shadow was stolen by Gecko Moria and placed into a warthog zombie also named Lola.

Lola is a tall, corpulent woman with short and thin legs. She has small eyes and a pronounced nose above her large, shiny red lips, one missing tooth and a large head.

Under a small black bowler hat, her pink hair is braided into two pigtails. After the timeskip, her pigtails are shown to be longer with her missing tooth restored. During " "Gang" Bege's Oh My Family ", she is wearing a hairdressing gown, and her hair is loose and shorter.

She also bears a striking resemblance to her older twin sister, Charlotte Chiffon. In her younger years, Lola was fatter than she is currently, was not missing a tooth, and had her hair styled into a bob. She wore an orange bow in her hair and a peach colored dress with puffy sleeves. Lola is a woman trying to find love though she rejected a proposal from Loki.

She fled from an arranged marriage with him in order to find her own true love. As of the Thriller Bark Arcshe has proposed times, but she has been turned down each time. Prior to meeting the Straw Hats, she had proposed times. Upon seeing Luffyshe makes it times. She is also rather honorable. This is seen when she refused to abandon the Straw Hats, her crew's shining star of hope, even when she was being vaporized by the rising sun.

Lola also initially said that she would never dream of taking treasure from her saviors until Nami revealed her friendship with the former's shadow zombie. This led her to give a piece of Linlin's Vivre Card to Nami, under the belief that her mother would help the Straw Hats for her sake, not knowing that Big Mom holds a grudge on her for ruining a possible alliance with the giants.

Lola showed good skills as a captain by keeping her crew away from the sunlight when light was hitting Thriller Bark.

what does franky exploit do

Since her pirate crew has suffered much in the last 3 years together, they are very close with each other. Pound is Lola's father. Even though Lola ran away from the Charlotte Familyhe still considers her very dear to him.

After Pound escaped from Whole Cake Island, he finally gets to meet her the first time since her birth.

Return to Sabaody Arc

Lola was quite shocked when Pound said that he is her father. Despite this rejection, Pound remain steadfast to reunite with them.Uncontacted people are communities or groups of indigenous peoples living without sustained contact to neighbouring communities and the world community.

In there were thought to be roughly uncontacted tribes worldwide, half of whom live in the Amazon rainforest. Knowledge of uncontacted peoples comes mostly from encounters with neighbouring indigenous communities and from aerial footage.

While sporadic contact may occur and products from outside might be acquired, uncontacted peoples sustain communities living in isolation either unintendedly, actively out of need, or voluntarily. To highlight their agency in staying uncontacted or isolated, international organizations emphasize calling them "indigenous peoples in isolation" or "in voluntary isolation". Indigenous rights activists call for indigenous peoples in isolation to be left alone, saying that contact will interfere with their right to self-determination as peoples.

Since isolated peoples lack immunity to common infectious diseasesup to half of them can die of respiratory disease following first contact. Controlled contact for example has been occasionally used by the Brazilian state organization National Indian Foundation FUNAI to prevent conflicts and deliver vaccinations.

This can include lumbering, ranching and farming, land speculation, oil prospecting and mining, and poaching. Evangelical missionaries also pose a threat. Uncontacted peoples have been romanticized, objectified and used for satisfying modern fascinations for claiming first contact or claiming a projected state of nature[11] historically by colonial endeavours and contemporarily by people paying tour operators who offer adventure tours to search them out.

Attempts to contact them have usually been rebuffed, sometimes with lethal force. Their language is markedly different from other languages on the Andamans, which suggests that they may have remained isolated for thousands of years. Such attempts are against the law.

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Chau had an intent to convert the tribe to Christianity. During the Census of Indiaa joint expedition conducted during 23—24 February identified at least a few dozen individuals, but it was not exhaustive. The local Andaman and Nicobar administration has adopted an "eyes-on and hands-off" policy to ensure that no poachers enter the island.

A protocol of circumnavigation of North Sentinel Island has been made and notified in consultation with the Indian government. Another Andamanese tribethe Jarawaslive on the main islands, largely isolated from other peoples. They are thought to number a few hundred people.

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About 50 groups of indigenous peoples of the Americas live in isolation. The Toromona are an uncontacted people living near the upper Madidi River and the Heath Rivers in northwestern Bolivia. Pacahuaras are believed to be living in voluntary isolation in Pando Department.

Until the s Brazil attempted unsuccessfully to assimilate or move anyone on lands that could be commercially cultivated.

There are approximately members, and of them have no contact with the outside world. They are considered highly endangered because of conflicts with logging interests in their territory.

The Kawahiva live in the north of Mato Grosso. They are usually on the move and have little contact with outsiders. Thus, they are known primarily from physical evidence they have left behind — arrows, baskets, hammocks, and communal houses.

As ofuncontacted peoples in Brazil are threatened by illegal land grabbers, loggers and gold miners, as the government of Jair Bolsonaro wants to develop the Amazon and reduce the size of indigenous reservations.

With the creation of gigantic tribal reserves and strict patrolling, Colombia is now regarded as one of the countries where uncontacted indigenous people are offered maximum protection. Two isolated indigenous peoples of Ecuador live in the Amazon region: the Tagaeri and the Taromenane. Both are eastern Huaorani peoples living in Yasuni National Park. These semi-nomadic people live in small groups, subsisting on hunting, gathering, and some crops. They are organized into extended families.

Approximately Ayoreo people, some of whom are in the Totobiegosode tribe, live uncontacted in the forest. They are nomadic, and hunt, forage, and conduct limited agriculture. They are the last uncontacted peoples south of the Amazon basin, and are in Amotocodie. Inthe International Work Group for Indigenous Affairs estimated their number to be around to Many of them speak dialects of Panoan languages.Set two years after the events of the Marineford Arcin which Luffy reunites with his crew, this arc also marks the beginning of the second part of the series.

Two years have passed and Luffy retrieves his hat just as Hancock and the Kuja Pirates arrive to take him back to Sabaody Archipelago. Luffy displayed some of his strengths when he shows that he made friends with the wildlife and warns the animals not to hurt his friends.

Hancock is even more infatuated with Luffy though he tells her that he is not marrying her.

Hikvision Backdoor Exploit

With that, he places the hat on his head and prepares to leave Rusukaina. The scene then changes to Sabaody Archipelagowhich has become much more lawless due to Marineford having switched locations to an area in the New World and their old base now being a common Marine base called G-1 that used to be on the other side of the Red Line. Rumors of the Straw Hats suddenly reappearing and recruiting new members have circulated.

The Longarm Tribe that captured him are now his managers.

Frozen jr script act 2

Sabaody is the final stop in Brook's tour, as well as his Farewell concert to his fans. Next, Sanji is seen arriving with some of the okama. Right after he sets foot on the island, he is overjoyed to see real women again, even crying. He gives the okama a quick goodbye while also flipping them off thanking them for bringing him to Sabaody and telling them to give Iva his best before he runs off to try to find Nami and Robin.

Meanwhile in a bar, a woman is talking with the bartender about whats happened with Marineford. The talk is interrupted when a shot rings out, coming from a bunch of pirates who claim to be the "Straw Hat Pirates". Those pirates, however, do not even resemble the Straw Hat Pirates at all. The commotion from before was "Luffy" along with "Nami", "Franky" and "Sogeking" having shot a captain who was trying to join them when they found out he was only worth 55, commenting that they wanted pirates with at least 70, We also find out that they manage to recruit three pirate groups with 10 men that have bounties.

Among such being "Wet Hair" Caribou and "Blood Splatterer" Coribou who haveandon their heads.

what does franky exploit do

As "Luffy" calls for more drinks, he notices the woman from before and invites her over. She politely refuses which quickly gains the ire of the "Straw Hats".

We find out that said woman is actually the real Namiwho is then reprimanded by the bartender to choose her words carefully, pointing out that it was a very bad idea to provoke the "Straw Hats".The last 10 years have seen a lot change in the world of technology - but what will the next decade bring us?

A decade ago the hottest smartphone on the market was the iPhone 3GS - a phone with a miniscule 3. Speakers have got bigger too, now coming packed with integrated circuits allowing us to do our shopping from our living rooms just by talking.

Over the course of the last year a number of jetpack and personal flying machines were developed and successfully flown by engineers from across the world. Please use Chrome browser for a more accessible video player.

But he did it. And former Royal Marine Richard Browning used a jet suit he invented to negotiate one of the toughest assault courses in the military. Now he's set up a company to come up with new ways it could be used. And in Dubai, police have begun training on hoverbikes in the hope that they can help first responder units reach areas that would otherwise be difficult to reach. The futuristic vehicles are intended to be in action this year. Professor Rachel Armstrong is a professor of experimental architecture at Newcastle University, and co-ordinator of the living architecture project.

She said:. She told Sky News:. It might not give us the answers, but it always helps me frame better questions and points of view. She added: "Back inscience fiction writer William Gibson said: 'The future is already here, it's just not evenly distributed.

Where that data goes, who uses it and for what, are new questions and raise new challenges. Are they sharing our secrets and not-so secrets and with whom?

What does it mean to talk about safety, privacy, security or even trust? Yet the technology won't make a different future, we will. Professor Bell added: "InKlaus Schwab, director of the World Economic Forum, wrote that we have entered into the fourth wave of industrialisation, one where we'll see the emergence of cyber-physical systems CPS. CPS represents a significant shift in the application of AI, from discrete, computer-based automation to embedded in a range of physical, often mobile, objects.

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She isn't a technologist but combines psychology with futurology to try to anticipate what might be lying around the corner.

She added: "Looking into the next decade, playing games, interpreting the stock market, writing articles about football, spotting patterns in large, messy data sets, and performing activities in highly structured and predictable environments are all relatively easy for machines to learn to do.

what does franky exploit do

Should the car swerve to avoid a pedestrian if it thinks that there is a high likelihood that its actions will injure the driver. And who is responsible? His point was spiritual, but for David Wood, the co-leader Transhumanism UK, the "abolition of ageing" is a real goal to pursue.

He spoke to Sky News for a fascinating episode of Off Limits earlier this year, alongside Dr Ian Pearson, a futurologist who has researched different ways to extend human life and pointed to advances in genetic studies.

Dr Pearson said: "We're looking at the genetic modification side of things already, and we're looking at technologies in biotech that will allow us to play with telomeres [cells linked with the ageing process] on the end of the DNA strands.

He added: "The technologies for life extension that IT offers are probably around the, time frame, when we'll have the IT that will allow us to live pretty much forever, or at least until the IT stops working.

Charlotte Lola

You buy an android, use that as your body from now on, and you carry on living. Implants and biometrics would be part of everyday life and surveillance would lace the "smart" homes and cities we'd live in. Renate Samson is a senior policy adviser at the Open Data Institute. Her vision of the future is one in which the value of data is collectively and collaboratively realised.

Good, accurate, authoritative data will be the hot desire.

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Data collaboration by people rather than just business may also begin to be the norm.Non-parseable support values are ignored. Value is a concrete value or interval of values (for regression trees) that a leaf must predict to be kept in the returning tree. Intervals can be closed or open in either end. Confidence is a concrete value or interval of values that a leaf must have to be kept in the returning tree. The specification of intervals follows the same conventions as those of value.

Since confidences are a continuous value, the most common case will be asking for a range, but the service will accept also individual values. It's also possible to specify both a value and a confidence. Finally, note that it is also possible to specify support, value, and confidence parameters in the same query. Filtering and Paginating Fields from a Model A model might be composed of hundreds or even thousands of fields. Thus when retrieving a model, it's possible to specify that only a subset of fields be retrieved, by using any combination of the following parameters in the query string (unrecognized parameters are ignored): Fields Filter Parameters Parameter TypeDescription fields optional Comma-separated list A comma-separated list of field IDs to retrieve.

To update a model, you need to PUT an object containing the fields that you want to update to the model' s base URL. Once you delete a model, it is permanently deleted.

If you try to delete a model a second time, or a model that does not exist, you will receive a "404 not found" response. However, if you try to delete a model that is being used at the moment, then BigML. To list all the models, you can use the model base URL. By default, only the 20 most recent models will be returned. You can get your list of models directly in your browser using your own username and API key with the following links. You can also paginate, filter, and order your models.

This is valid for both regression and classification models. Objective Weights: submitting a specific weight for each class in classification models.

Automatic Balancing: setting the balance argument to true to let BigML automatically balance all the classes evenly. Let's see each method in more detail.


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