Plain altar cloths

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Plain altar cloths

Due to logistical challenges orders may not ship until the next business day.

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Turn to Zieglers to outfit your Church's altar for the preparation of the Eucharist and the great "Amen". The most sacred portion of the Catholic Mass is the celebration of the Eucharist, when Catholics partake of the Body and Blood of Christ.

Because Catholics revere the Eucharist, utmost devotion is given to its care and preparation. The use of altar linens is employed to that end:. Whether shopping to purchase a chalice pall, corporal, purificator or lavabo finger towel individually, or a set including all the pieces, your needs will be eagerly met through FC Ziegler. Our selection includes a variety of designs and fabrics from near and far in a range of prices.

Order from us to generously supply your sacristy with the linens necessary for all the seasons of the liturgical year. Features embroidered Red Cross and hemstitched. It measures sixteen by thirty-five inches and has one small, red cross embroidered onto it.

Amice Details: Red Don the helmet of salvation while keeping your vestments clean with this white amice. This amice is made of Terlenka fabric, which is seventy percent polyester and thirty percent viscose. A white cross provides a reverent embellishment and a Velcro closure ensures a perfect fit on this amice from Slabbinck of Belgium. One red cross and a simple border serve as the embellishment for this sturdy chalice pall cover.

This traditional Roman style chalice veil set is made from a damask style fabric embellished with a gold embroidered cross. Generously proportioned, this corporal will allow plenty of room for the bread and chalice upon the altar. One red cross is its sole Supply your sacristy with this fine corporal.

This corporal, measuring seventeen inches square, is made of percent linen, a long-lasting absorbent fiber that is recommended by the Church.

Rest the Blessed Sacrament on this finely made corporal.Altar cloths, also known as altar linens, are used to cover an alter that's used as part of a religious ceremony. Kanel Brother's feature a vast array of different altar cloths, in a number of different sizes and styles. We take pride in our unmatched craftsmanship, competitive pricing and our unparalleled selection. Church Supplies Stunning altar paraments and altar cloths that your congregation will be proud of. Choose from our existing line of handmade ecclesiastical hangings and vestments or speak to us about your own custom design.

Altar Cloths. Pulpit Covers. The Altar Linens can also serve a couple different functions. In some cases, they may be used for a decorative purpose.

Some altars can be seen as plain in their construction, so church altar cloths can serve to make the appearance more appealing. In other instances, church altar cloths are used on extremely ornate altars. Many church altars are one-of-a-kind pieces, featuring hand carving, painting and other unique features that must be protected. Altars are commonly home to cups of wine, vessels containing holy water and other liquids that may spill, splash or drip on the wood and cause damage to the finish.

Wax drippings can damage the wood finish and attempts to remove the wax drippings also hold potential for irreparable damage to an ornate, priceless altar. An altar cloth can protect the altar from these potential sources of damage.

Altar cloths are actually mandatory in some religious traditions. Records indicate that they were commonplace in the Catholic Church as early as the 4th Century.Fair linens are priced per meter run. They are made to measure, please email requirements and dimensions. Hand embroidered cross 7. Credence cloths and other linens can also be made to order. Peter Koroma — February 26, Your email address will not be published. Notify me of new posts by email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

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We can hand embroider to your designs or our own. Please browse through our pictures of emblems which can be made and in various colours. Add a review Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Rated 5.

Plain Altar Cloths

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Cookies This site uses cookies: Find out more. Okay, thanks.Most of these images can be adapted to the shape of your cloth. You may like to let your altar cloth represent your spiritual place by being unique. All the Altar cloths are made from one piece of fabric which covers the whole or part of the table. They are not lined, unless you request lining.

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The Frontals pictured have a plain fabric joined at the top edge, and this plain fabric goes across the table and is fixed under the back edge with a velcro strip. The frontal drop is lined with the plain fabric.

Joyful Journey. This piece is an altar frontal, but could easily be made into a banner.

plain altar cloths

The dimensions given are for the frontal only. You can choose to have just a frontal or a complete altar cloth. Four seasons Altar Cloth.

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This cloth may be used in a variety of situations - whenever you would like to make a space sacred or special.

The images are all machine embroidered, and the cloth is fully lined. Waratahs and Flannel Flowers - Altar Cloth.

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This frontal depicts the delightful colours of the Australian Bush. It can be teamed up with the matching Lectern Cover. Altar Cloth - Flying Free. This Altar Cloth is made from one piece of fabric and is unlined.

Altar Cloth - Bushfire and Renewal. This image was inspired by the devastating fires which swept across many parts of Australia in It depicts the destruction, but also the beauty, freshness and new life which comes after the fire. Altar Frontal - Christmas Bells.Click here to place your order from our online catalog.

The altar cloth, aka fair linen, lies at the heart of the Christian liturgy. The altar cloth is thus embroidered with five crosses for the five wounds of Christ, one in each corner and another in the center. In earlier centuries, altar cloths were not usually put directly on the altar but, rather, on a cere cloth, i. It prevented minerals from leeching from the marble to the altar cloth and thus damaging it. When marble altars went out of style in the twentieth century, the production of the cere cloth ended.

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A plain altar cloth that fits the mensa altar top exactly is often now used in its place, and thus serves as the foundation of the dressed altar. During the Eucharist a corporal so-named because it holds the sacramental Body of Christ is spread on top of the altar cloth to catch any crumbs from the consecrated Host. It too is embroidered with a cross or other symbol. Each altar cloth is custom-made to fit the precise dimensions of a particular altar.

Hence, no two altar cloths are the same. Altar cloths almost always include side drops and sometimes a front drop alsothe length of which is chosen by the altar guild or priest in charge of the congregation. Polyester is now popular as a fabric for altar cloths, but traditionally-minded churches still use linen exclusively.

If an altar cloth is diligently and correctly cared for, it can last many years. Linen is one of the few fabrics that improves with age.

Morning in the Workshop--Altar Cloths

Besides embroideries, altar cloths can be adorned with lace, sewn either on the drops or along the front. A beautifully-dressed altar with a fresh altar cloth and flowers and candles makes for a wonderful sight — and it is for the glory of God! Altar Cloths. Creating the Altar Cloth Each altar cloth is custom-made to fit the precise dimensions of a particular altar. Email: lynn altarlinens. Belgian Linen. About Lynn.An altar cloth is used by various religious groups to cover an altar.

It may be used as a sign of respect towards the holiness of the altar, as in the Catholic Church. Because many altars are made of wood and are often ornate and unique, cloth may then be used to protect the altar surface. In other cases, the cloth serves to beautify a rather mundane construction underneath.

plain altar cloths

If you cannot find what you are looking for, please call us at Abbott Church Goods welcomes you to browse our site and search for the highest quality church goods the best price. If you have any questions or need assistance finding any products, please call our industry leading service representatives at Facebook Twitter.

Altar Candles Altar Candles. Candlelight Service Sets. Votive Candles. Drip Protectors. Wind Protectors. Advent Altar. Advent Pillar. Advent Tapers. Christ Candles. Christmas Candles. Paschal Candles. Easter Vigil Candles. Paschal Candlesticks.Parishes that have been purchasing their small altar linens ready-made purificators, lavabo towels and corporals usually have linens of various sizes.

I have a list of linen sizes taped up on the inside of one of the sacristy cabinet doors. The list gives the finished size, the size to cut including hem allowances and an amount added for shrinkage. As well, I keep a supply of cut linens on hand, rolled onto tube rollers and covered in a mid-weight plastic. Along with my list and the linens cut ahead, I have drawn up lay-out plans for our small linens. I have a lay-out that cuts 1 dozen purificators of the size we use with a minimum of waste.

Same with lavabo towels and corporals. I know that I can cut 1 dozen purificators out of a 44 inch length of linen — with very little waste. I know that I can cut 2 corporals and 3 each lavabo towels and purificators out of 46 inches of linen — with very little waste. I have a list of all those sizes taped up inside another sacristy cabinet door. These little things comprise good sacristy practice. All this information is available to you.

In the first paragraph on my home page, I begin to explain that I intend my website, Church Linens, to be different from other websites that sell church linens and vestments. Linen is a unique fabric with characteristics all its own — of which shrinkage is only one. Knowing what these characteristics are and how to utilize them, requires management.

While shrinkage is only one of the unique characteristics of linen, it is extremely important because the amount that linen shrinks is substantial enough to make a significant difference in projects that require precision the width of a fair line or credence cloth. The skill of managing shrinkage efficiently is my major teaching goal. This means that everything is all right here — on this website. Of course, that makes my pages really, really long! My webmaster has a fit about how long my pages are!

He threatens me that, in giving so much information on one page potential customers will give up in frustration! I import the linen I offer from Belgium. This linen is the perfect weight, density and quality for our fair linens, Mass linens, Communion veils, altar cloths, credence covers, tabernacle hangings — for all liturgical purposes that require the use of good linen.

I recently brought in a very heavy weight of linen luscious! It is more than 3 times heavier. If you wish to see samples, I am happy to provide them. Go to the Message Box on the Ordering and Payment page, ask me to send samples — include your address. Also see below for more information.

plain altar cloths

Remember as you compare my sample to the linens in your sacristy, elderly linens become sheer over time. They were heavier when they were new. Purchasing linen is difficult for you because there are so many choices and most people do not have the information they need in order to make such an important choice.

Liturgical Linens

I have difficulty too — even though I know precisely what I want. Once a year, the mill begins to weave from the new crop of flax. I test them all and choose the one with the characteristics we must have for altar linens. Linen has three characteristics that should be of interest to you: quality, weight and density.

Plain Linen Altar Cloth

These characteristics help you evaluate the suitability of a particular linen for your altar linens. Quality is not determined by weight. Linen of substantial weight may be very high quality. Linen that is sheer may be of low quality.


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