K40 laser se

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K40 laser se

The E-store has moved to www. Coming in March! Learn how to design, make, create and earn money with your K40 laser cutter.

Read more here. Most problems with the K40 laser cutter involves the power supply in one way or another. Here is the facts Convert your K40 digital panel to analog Want to convert your machine to analog instead of digital? The digital panel is Many of us, including me have a machine inside the home. I have a bunch of machine but at my This article is about a popular laser head avalible on ebay and other places.

We sell this already modified in A lot of questions lately has been around machines stopping mid job, before the end or right away when This guide will help you identify and solve most problems with your laser machine not firing the laser beam. This is a very short article, i see posts about this CW almost every day and i sadly see This article is aimed to you looking to buy a K40 laser cutter machine, but want more information before The K40 or K with other similar names are a small, desktop-sized Co2 laser made in China for very affordable price.

No, it needs attention and can be very dangerous to turn on without checking it over before starting to us. See our articles on setting up the K Sure, depending on volume and what you make you can upgrade and optimize it for business use.

Out of the box - NO. Read up on safety and how to use your K40 laser machine safely. Welcome to K40laser.We have done hundreds of hours of research on every aspect of these units and, with great input from many great people, have navigated through the initial rough waters of getting a poorly made Chinese clone of a machine to run far beyond our expectations.

k40 laser se

The reason I reference this unit in that manner is that my first experience with a laser engraver was spent on my ULSE. An American made, precision, workhorse that was built in Please make note of these observations and suggestions:. If that sounds fun to you then you will love it! Put it up for safe keeping. Take the included exhaust fan and ductwork out of the machine and very carefully place it into the nearest trash receptacle. Then see the alternatives below. They are poorly designed and poorly wired.

Use a proper power source. More on that later. There are many options and we cover a cost-effective solution in this article. A well made, surge protected plug strip is highly recommended for the accessories, upgrades, and peripherals. The main power for the laser engraver needs to be a dedicated outlet with a rating of at least 15 Amps.

Most household outlets will suffice. We did, after checking the wiring to these outlets, decide to hardwire our air assist pump to the feed for one of the outlets since we mounted our pump inside the chassis. We are using a commercial aquarium pump that has a relatively low current draw.

That mod will be in another KB Article. There will be more information on the electrical system coming soon. It is not very robust so we are looking for a more suitable replacement. Distilled water should always be used as it is less electrically conductive than tap water.

You also need to be very careful of the additives you choose to address freezing and algae. There is a secret recipe and lots of other great info on coolants and additives HERE.

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And more on cooling systems HERE. Often times there will be a large bubble at the top of the tube near the outlet.K40 laser upgrades are the next step to creating higher quality cuts and engraves and ensures you are getting the most out of your K40 Laser Cutter. This is to monitor your water, and make sure it is the correct temperature, you can use a digital thermometer. Some of the Thermometers on the market have a built-in max temperature alarm, so if the temperature passes above the max recommended temperature of 71 degrees Fahrenheit 22 degrees Celsiusthen it will sound an alarm.

This is just an added safeguard to ensure your laser tube is kept at optimal running temperature. Both these Thermometers have built-in high-low alarms to set minimum and maximum temperatures as required. Standard pump packaged with the k40 laser cutter. Most 40w lasers already come with a standard water pump which is basically a pump that would normally be used for an aquarium setup. If you need to purchase a third party water pumpthe outer tubing diameter is around 7mm If you whilst the internal is around 5mm.

If your water temperature is above 71F 22c then you will need to cool your water to avoid damaging your laser tube. TIP: increasing the amount of water in your reservoir will increase the time in which the laser has a chance to heat the water. I recommended at least liter reservoir for normal use situations. If you are in an area where the ambient temperature is always above 71 degrees Fahrenheit, then it is advised to either create a system to cool your water.

You can do this by adding ice to your cooling reservoir, or you can use a water chiller. If you are using this for a commercial operation or using it for long spans of time at high intensity, then I recommend adding this to your list of upgrades to make sure you get the most out of your Laser engraver. First of all the optics on the K40 are the cheapest the manufacturer could put on the k40 to keep down costs.

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Upgrading the mirrors will increase your cutting ability and also reduce the amount of power you need to use to do the same job you would have with the standard K40 mirrors. Upgrading the lens will also increase the output of your K40 laser cutter. Why use air assist? Air assist aims a short beam of air directly onto your work for a few reasons. One to blow away any debris that has been left from your laser cut ash and burnt wood and also intense smoke that accumulates during the cut, which leaves smokey residue on your newly engraved work.

Air assist for your K40 can be purchased here. Credit brianvanh. The first thing a lot of K40 Laser Cutter users tend to do is remove the workspace bed. This increases the work area, allowing to engrave larger objects up to mm x mm. Although there are a lot of makeshift cutting beds out there, so I suggest if you have a spare weekend free, create your own at home.This guide will help you identify and solve most problems with your laser machine not firing the laser beam.

Make sure your K40 turns on and homes to zero position. Turn on your machine. Open the lid on your panel and push the test-button located on your power supply. This is good, your PSU and laser tube is healthy and working. The most common problem when the machine is firing with low power, and mA-meter showing mA no matter what power setting is set — the flyback transformer is often the issue. This part is avalible at ebay, aliexpress or in our store. Make sure to visually identify your type of rectifier before ordering one.

k40 laser se

If you want to step your game up a bit — upgrading to a HY-T50 is a good upgrade, this PSU does not have the issues the K40 power supply has. Avalible on amazon, ebay and aliexpress. You have a issue with your PSU or laser tube.

The flyback transformer might be the issue but there is no guarantee it will solve your problems. I suggest upgrading to a HY-T50 instead of buying a new K40 power supply not sold by us. Things to try: — Make sure you have grounded the machine properly — see this article — Check all internal connections for breaks, bad crimps or loose cables. You can also find flow sensors in our store. If you have upgraded your controller : Make sure the power supply, any extra 24V power supply and the controller is grounded to the same point, often the ground bolt in the back of the machine.

You can also put a small cable between the laser PSU ground to the screw terminal ground on the Cohesion3D controller. Same solution with other controllers, make sure they are grounded on the same spot. HP Persson.

Lens & mirrors

Thanks for this guide. When I test fire the laser both with the test button and the power supply test button there is a clicking but no laser.

Do I need to replace both the tube and the power supply. Which would you suggest to do first? Seems a waste, is there anybody who recycles these? Without doing a high voltage test its a chance. But the PSU often dies over a second.

Making an Edge Lit Sign with a K40 Laser Engraver

I would go with a PSU to start with, or only the flyback transformer. Thanks, I will do this. You mention elsewhere on this site the Hy t50 PSU. I have the digital readout — yet to install a mAmmeter. Hy-T50 will work good on the K Just keep a eye on the mA-meter not to over power the tube. Hi Ive been searching high and low and you have identified the problem!

Now — i dont have a flow controller anywhere on the machine that I can find, so how do i go about fixing it? Or should I install one?Mirrors and lens in your machine is actually very important. The beam created in the laser tube travels between at least three mirrors and one lens before hitting your material. The first upgrade everyone should do to their K40 is to upgrade the mirrors and lenses, as the provided ones with the machine are budget stuff noone should use, throw it away.

Welcome to the ultimate alignment guide for your laser machine.

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This guide has some tips and hints regarding the popular K40 machine type, but this can be used for any laser machine on the market as the science behind movement of a laser beam is the same on all of them.

Some of Focus is very important for your work, if you are out of focus you will lose power or get strange effects when engraving. Lens setup calculator Check out This is the old alignment guide - check out the new guide here! Mirror alignment is the action many of us fear the most, looking at videos and reading guides and after two weeks your mirrors are still not aligned.

I have therefore made this guide in three parts, with three steps in each part. Mirrors ans lenses are delicate products and should be handled with care. Here is my suggestion of how to clean your mirrors and lenses with least damage and risk of scratching the surface. Always use gloves when handling mirrors and lenses. There is a lot of different types of mirrors for our lasers. Some better than others, and some you will not see any difference on the K Contact us if you need help choosing mirror for your machine.

Good reflective index for our machines less than 50w High reflective index, needs cleaning more often.

k40 laser se

Can withstand alot of "abuse" but have less Mirror alignment — no more sweat and tears — Updated!Post a Comment. Converting and Improving a K40 I have invested an inordinate amount of time converting my K40 to a better cutting and engraving tool. This post concatenates my K40 conversions posts into a build index.

I am doing this with the intention of helping others reduce or eliminate their research, design and build time for K40 conversions. This build log should have everything you need to know to clone my design including parts.

That means that I am analyzing each subsystem, understanding its operation, specifying a conversion design followed by build and then finally verification of performance. This post pulls together detailed posts for each subsystem with the expectation that in the end it will give the community a specific configuration that works.

FAQ & DIY articles for K40 laser cutter owners

My ultimate intention is for this information to be simple to use for most makers yet detailed enough to satiate an engineer. Some of this content was designed by myself along with the associated testing and research.

However a large amount of content linked in here came from the hard work of others. I just linked things together in a way that made sequential sense to me. I thank and acknowledge the work of many other members of these communities that contributed in a significant way. This is a work in progress so expect changes. Your donations help fund additional research, tools and parts that I will return to the community as build and design information and how-to's.

Pretty one coming soon. The lift table integration is not included on this sketch. K40's do not come with interlocks however every K40 should have interlocks installed!

The K40 laser is dangerous and can blind you. Don't defeat them when your inside the machine. Its not that hard to make an adjustment and close the lid to check the results.

Wear your safety glasses especially if you have defeated interlocks which I just suggested you do not do!

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I used a simple approach to implement the finder because I wanted to keep the head bracket simple. The disadvantage of this approach is that the pointer is offset from its true position when the table goes out of the focal range. If I do need more accuracy I plan to move the finder so that it enters and exits the light path through the objective lens and therefore totally remove it from the head altogether more on this idea later.

The finder diode is mounted on the head. The holder is adjustable with a screw. Labels: K40 A Index. No comments:.Most fans sucks at pushing the smoke in the hose out of the room you have the machine in. This is where the optimized exhaust comes in. Fans are mostly made for two purposes, pushing or pulling, and you wont find a pushing fan without visiting a ventilation expert store.

Having the fan directly at the back of your machine put alot of pressure on the fan. It has to do two things. Both creating a negative pressure inside the machine to suck the smoke up, and creating a static positive pressure, to push the air in the meter hose. Taking advantage of how air behaves and how fan works gives you more effect for the money, better working exhaust and less noise in your room.

There is always some situations where people are reusing fans or exhausts they already own, well go ahead, if you have a big fan, use it, it does the job.

FAQ & how-to on your K40 laser machine

A hot air balloon fan is not the most effective solution for that. Report below if you have a nice working setup, no matter how big fan you have, does it work good, found any fan you want to suggest to others? Exhaust on your K40 laser machine. Home Exhaust on your K40 laser machine. Why small fans directly at the machine doesnt work Having the fan directly at the back of your machine put alot of pressure on the fan.

Tips for having a optimized exhaust.


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